Major Garrett Returning to White House Beat

By Alex Weprin 

National Journal correspondent Major Garrett is returning to the White House beat. The former Fox News and CNN White House correspondent currently covers Congress for NJ, but will shift to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to cover the 2012 campaign.

Chris Frates will cover Garrett’s beat in Congress.

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Major Garrett Moves to White House Beat for 2012 Campaign
Chris Frates Joins Congress Team, Will Expand ‘Influence Alley’ Community to the Hill

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 20, 2011 — National Journal Group announced today that congressional correspondent Major Garrett will move to the White House team, as part of National Journal’s ramped-up coverage of the 2012 campaign and President Obama’s re-election efforts. Garrett will also cover the intersection of the White House and Congress, providing National Journal’s audience with unique insight grounded in deep experience and sourcing on both beats.

“The presidential campaign is the biggest story of the year, and we are thrilled to put one of our biggest talents on the beat,” said Ron Fournier, National Journal Group editor-in-chief. “Major’s expertise and history covering administrations, Congress, and campaigns makes him an invaluable addition to National Journal’s need-to-know coverage of 2012.”

This will be a return to White House coverage for Garrett, who has served as White House correspondent for both Fox News and CNN at prior points in his career. In addition to regular White House and campaign reporting and analysis, Garrett will continue to write his weekly column for National Journal Daily, focused on the intersection of the White House and Congress.

As Garrett moves to the White House team, lobbying correspondent Chris Frates will join the National Journal congressional team. Frates, whose “Influence Alley” feature covers the intersection of money, politics, and policy, will begin expanding “Influence Alley” to include both K Street and Congress. The new feature will use the entire congressional team’s strong leadership, people, and influence coverage to build a digital community with a unique voice for National Journal’s Hill and K Street audiences. More details on the project, including an increase in Hill reporting staff, will roll out in the coming weeks.