Maddow on Understanding Syrian Airstrikes With ‘Absence of International Media’ There

By Jordan Chariton 

Maddow SyriaLast night, Rachel Maddow examined the difficulty in knowing important details about U.S. airstrikes in Syria in light of the lack of foreign media in the region.

“All of this footage; many, many, minutes of footage,” Maddow began. “We know what the fireworks look like…but we don’t have any independent information as to what those targets actually were or what the effects were of those U.S. strikes.”

Maddow went on to suggest if you wanted to get an independent take on the mission separate from the U.S. military coining it as “successful,” there’s no way to get that right now. “There isn’t a professional international media presence inside Syria right now and nobody’s to blame for that except for the terrorists who keep capturing, and kidnapping, and ransoming, and torturing, and murdering journalists.”