Loophole For Wall Street Journal-ists on FBN?

By SteveK 

From today’s mediabistro.com Morning Newsfeed: Silicon Alley Insider’s Michael Learmonth reports about the possibility that FBN might have found a loophole that will allow their new colleagues from The Wall Street Journal to appear on the network.

CNBC’s deal with The Journal is supposed to give the NBCU network exclusive rights to WSJ talent through 2012. But at the Always On Conference in New York Tuesday, FBN EVP Kevin Magee said, “There are some restrictions. We can’t just go ahead and use anything. I believe the restrictions involve regularly-scheduled, branded segments. There is a carve-out for non-business news and there is a carve-out for breaking news.”

A CNBC spokesperson tells TVNewser, “CNBC has a 15-year agreement with Dow Jones to provide news content. It expires in 2012. We expect the relationship and quality of the relationship to continue through 2012.”

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