Looking Long-Term With Bob Schieffer

By Brian 

The Columbia Journalism Review talks with CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer:

  Does McManus have a mandate to lighten up the news?

No. I’m as sure on that as I am sure my name is Bob Schieffer. His assignment is to make it better.

Will the CBS Evening News five years out be very different? Will there be more than one anchor? Or maybe no anchor at all?

If we determine that it’s good to have an overseas anchor because Lara Logan is such a strong correspondent, then we ought to have an anchor from wherever the biggest foreign story of the day is. Maybe you have another anchor in New York. And maybe one on the West Coast.

If you could have total control over CBS Evening News, how would you shape it to fit the current news environment?

If I could, the first thing that I would do is expand it to an hour and put it on eight o’clock Eastern Time. That would be my goal. I’m not sure that’s ever going to be realized.

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