Look For Katie Couric On A Bus…

By Brian 

…Sort of. Ad Age reports: “Closer to launch, CBS will pull in the full promotional weight of its corporate siblings, including CBS outdoor and CBS Radio, to promote” Katie Couric. “As part of that initiative, Ms. Couric’s face will appear on the front of New York buses for the month of September.” Other tidbits:

> “CBS is also working to improve the local lead-in for the national evening news, as its stations are traditionally weaker than its rivals in that area.” Couric is “shooting 190 separate spots, naming each station affiliate to assist the stations promote their local news broadcasts.”

> “After her debut in September, CBS will roll out an extensive online ad buy through third-party properties, which are unnamed at this stage. The network will then back up each night’s broadcast by shooting daily ‘topical advertising,’ about what’s on the evening show that night to drive evening viewership.”