London 7/7: 7am Round-Up

By Brian 

> 7:17am: Richard Clarke on ABC: “It seems like a carbon copy of Madrid.”

> 7:14am: Bob Windrem on MSNBC: “[These are] hallmarks of a radical Islamic attack, in that they are multiple, near-simultaneous attacks aimed at a high body count. That does not necessarily mean it’s Al Qaeda, that does not necessarily mean that it’s Islamic terrorists, but it does have that hallmark.”

> 7:11am: As NBC’s Norah O’Donnell reported from the G8 Summit, a producer could be heard on the phone: “Let’s get Gregory out,” presumably David Gregory.

> 7:10am: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: “This does also mark, by the way, the eighth time that there has been a terror incident within weeks of a taped warning” from Zarqawi.

> 7:06am: ABC’s Charlie Gibson, on Tony Blair: “As you look at him, you cannot help but think how different his countenance, how different his demeanor, from 24 hours ago,” with the Olympics announcement.

> 7:02am: Tony Blair is live on NBC, ABC, CBS, FNC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC…

> 7:01am: Sheila MacVicar on CBS: “This is clearly a major incident, and clearly an evolving situation.” “We’re trying to be very cautious here about tying everything together,” Harry Smith said…

> 7:00am: Katie Couric: “Good morning. Breaking news. Multiple explosions in downtown London his morning, at least one on board a double decker bus. Police say there are multiple fatalies today, Thursady, July 7, 2005.” Couric called it a “special edition of ‘Today.'”

> 7:00am: The news networks have to be careful as Americans wake up and wonder if they should ride the subway to work…