London 7/21: 8am Notes

By Brian 

> Update: Fox News broke in first, at 8:19:16. CNN followed at 8:22:09 and MSNBC was last at 8:23:17.

> 9:06am: Richard Roth on the Early Show: “Stiff upper lip and british resolve notwithstanding, this is the kind of thing that would frighten anyone.”

> 9:04am: Amy Kellogg on Fox News: “You can imagine the fear in the underground right now, as people still reeling from the attacks of two weeks ago, still on edge, still really nervous…”

> 9:03am: The lead is so calm: “Minor explosions using detonators only spark the evacuation of three Tube stations.”

> 9:00am: Katie Couric and Matt Lauer are anchoring an NBC News Special Report.

> 8:56am: CNN’s Nic Robertson: “The parallels are haunting at this stage.”

> 8:49am: It was so refreshing to hear an ITN anchor say: “We don’t know what’s happened.”

> 8:48am: MSNBC seemed caught off-guard this morning. “Flash News” was posted on the screen while Imus continued broadcasting. The network has started simulcasting ITN.

> 8:48am: All of the morning shows are now in “special report” mode.

> 8:46am: headline: “More Incidents in London.” headline: “London police respond to subway ‘incidents.'” headline: “LONDON EMERGENCY.”

> 8:45am: CNN’s Matthew Chance is at the Warren Street station: “People are looking very shocked at what’s happened in the past few minutes.”

> 8:44am: “This does not seem to be of the size of the bombs we had two weeks ago,” Charlie Gibson said on ABC.

> 8:42am: CBS’s Richard Roth in London: “According to London transit officials there are no reports of casualties, but there are three and perhaps four incidents that are under investigation.”

> 8:41am: NBC’s Today Show relied on traffic cameras around London for early images.

> 8:40am: Fox & Friends ended early. Bob Sellers took over.

> 8:38am: FNC correspondent Simon Marks near the scene: “I think it’s fair to say at this point, given the number of incidents we’re hearing about, it’s extremely unlikely that this is not some sort of coordinated series of attacks once again in London.”