“Live From…” The “Control Room?”

By Brian 

Is CNN developing a replacement for “Live From…,” its Atlanta-based early afternoon news show?

When the program premiered on Feb. 1, 2002, the name made sense. One day it was “Live From Afghanistan,” then the next day it was “Live From Jerusalem.” It was also “Live From” the Pentagon, Pakistan, the DMZ, Yemen, Baghdad, Rome, Skywalker Ranch, Buckingham Palace, the Super Bowl, and even the beach. But then the program became tied to an anchor desk, and the novelty wore off.

The name has lasted four years, and it’s time for a change. “Live From is due to launch ‘Control Room’ with Kyra Phillips late this summer, early fall,” a tipster says. The program would segway right into The Situation Room at 4pm.

Maybe the show will use CNN’s new Media Operations Center as its backdrop. “Live From…” showed off the new facility last Thursday…