Live Blogging: The End of Keystone

By SteveK 

8:26: Howard Fineman on MSNBC is hearing some thing at the Campaign Listening Post. One of the top Clinton fundraisers who is “aghast,” he reports.

8:21: Apparently Brit Hume is afraid of Brian Wilson (so he jokes as he tosses to Wilson in The Strategy Room, filled with a packed house of analysts tonight).

8:19: One change tonight — no network is even giving the 0% reporting figure. Apparently there aren’t even no results yet.

8:18: MSNBC now only network yet to go to commercial since polls closed.

8:14: With the numbers still unclear, CNN and MSNBC categorize it with “Breaking News” logos while FNC goes with the “Alert.”

8:12: Andrea Mitchell is at Clinton HQ on MSNBC. Olbermann asks her about the email silence from the campaigns. “See you are so lucky, Keith. I am still getting those emails,” she says.

8:08: Major Garrett is off the Obama beat apparently on FNC, and on to Clinton’s. Steve Brown flips over to Obama’s trail.

8:07: “I thought before we went to you guys that I had a pretty idea what’s going on here!” says Brit Hume to Chris Wallace and Rove, after Rove breaks down the numerous possible outcomes.

8:05: Karl Rove makes his FNC debut tonight first FNC appearance of the night. He’s saying that there’s a good chance the Obama distribution of the vote will make it a narrow victory for Clinton in the delegate count.

8:03: From a TVNewser tipster: “CNN has apparently caught MSNBC’s case of the too-loud iNEWS dings.”

8:01: Here’s the Vegas line on the race from Keith Olbermann on MSNBC: “Four or five she may be out. The over under of seven, well that’s nice. Eight is danger zone. Nine or 10 she clearly stays in.”

8:00: As the top of the hour hits, Fox News and CNN both call…that Pennsylvania is too close to call. MSNBC, coming out of a commercial break, is a few seconds behind with the “too close to” call.

7:58: It appears the CNN A-team tonight (according to Mo Rocca’s interpretation from the RTCA dinner) is Gloria Borger, Roland Martin and Jeffrey Toobin.

7:56: Here comes Brit Hume and Bill Hemmer at the Bill Board on FNC. Apparently, it’s primary time a little early.

7:54: Tom Brokaw makes first appearance on MSNBC. He’s talking Obama’s veep options.

7:51: The next story, however, has not been on TVNewser but gets to be now — Ohio University names the Roger E. Ailes Newsroom today.

7:50: Are the Fox Report producers reading TVNewser? Shep Smith reporting on Armen Keteyian‘s VA report from our ticker earlier.

7:49: “I’m going to tonight,” says Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Does he have time?

7:48: “New Exit Polls” says the CNN lower third. New results? 12 minutes and counting…

7:45: CNN’s Abbi Tatton hanging out at the Magic Wall now, as she shows some iReports (employing the iPhone method of expanding images).

7:41: Joe Scarborough makes another appearance on MSNBC, as part of “The Insiders” split screen with Harold Ford Jr.. It ends up being a Scarborough interview of Ford.

7:40: Norah O’Donnell gives the breakdown of voters comparing PA and OH. Which state has more rural voters? (PA) Which state has more 65+ voters (OH). Exit polls still reigning supreme until 8pmET…

7:35: Chris Matthews urges those in Pennsylvania to be a “practicing member of our society,” and go vote if you haven’t yet. 25 minutes and counting…

7:33: Ah. She’s covering the McCain campaign.

7:32: CNN’s Dana Bash in Youngstown, Ohio, with a lower third of “Battle For Pennsylvania.” Why?

7:31: Exit poll data on FNC getting very in depth in the lower third. Union Households, College Students and who is “In Touch with People Like Themselves” are some categories.

7:29: David Gregory has inherited the Joe Scarborough role tonight on MSNBC, as he leads a group of analysts now seen regularly on Race to the White House.

7:26: MSNBC is using a new lower third tonight. It is showing upcoming primaries and total popular vote and delegate counts in addition to results.

7:20: As Jessica Yellin reports from Philadelphia, the CNN Express is clearly in view in the background. Well-framed, CNN, well-framed.

7:18: The rest of the FNC line-up tonight takes shape — Hannity & Colmes and On the Record both pushed back an hour.

7:17: FNC’s Shepard Smith reports on former-colleague Tony Snow being treated for exhaustion.

7:15: Different life philosophies on CNN. Paul Begala: “Everybody gets a trophy.” Dobbs: “I thought life is ‘winner take all?'”

7:11: The five-analyst row premieres (we think) on CNN. Lou Dobbs anchors the unusually large row.

7:08: A lot of exit poll conversation thus far. Megyn Kelly (with the 3-D lazy susan) on FNC, Norah O’Donnell (in the 3-D room) on MSNBC and the duo of Soledad O’Brien and Bill Schneider on CNN.

7:05: Wolf Blitzer on CNN: “Once we hear from Hillary Clinton, once we hear from Barack Obama, we’ll be taking you there live.” That sounds like the plan for a night that may end with polls closing at 8pmET.

7:02: Before we start talking Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all night, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has a John McCain prediction. He says McCain’s camp is thinking, “Pennsylvania’s the one we can take away from the Democrats.”

7:00: MSNBC has been covering the PA primary since 6pmET, CNN’s official coverage begins now. FNC has an hour of the Fox Report (likely to include quite a bit of primary coverage) followed by their official coverage beginning at 8pmET.