Live Blogging: Feeling a Little Unsettled

By Chris Ariens 

11:45: FNC takes Obama speech. “Our time has come,” declares Obama to wild cheers.

11:44: MSNBC and CNN take Obama speech as FNC stays with remainder of McCain speech.

11:41: CNN has the side by side of McCain speaking and Obama about to speak. FNC’s lower third says Obama is about to speak.

11:37: My friends, here comes McCain.

11:33 Brokaw on MSNBC: “Alright, I’m back to my old job here,” as he calls Minnesota for Romney.

11:30: From a West Coast tipster: “Diane Sawyer on ABC (midway through their third hour) said they may need Vitamin B12 shots. At this point over at CBS, Katie, Bob and Jeff are moving along.”

11:27: Russert on MSNBC: “It’s far from over…we have to be very, very careful about declaring winners.”

11:19: California dreaming…on such a winter’s day. Polls are closed, but only 2% of the vote is in.

11:17: Amy Holmes is channel surfing. The CNN analyst was on with Glenn Beck earlier on HLN; on with Lou Dobbs now.

11:16: Just thinkin’ here. If you’re a driver for a car service in NYC, this is a big night for you.

11:12: Colorado goes to Obama, says Hume on FNC. Then he chats up how the economy is factoring in the campaigns with FBN’s Alexis Glick.

11:11: Dobbs back on CNN. Blitzer calls MN for Romney.

11:04: All eyes on MO. While Brit Hume was talking about the close GOP race, McCain pulled ahead of Huckabee. John King is adding up the Missouri counties, while Huckabee is on live with Chris Matthews.

11:00: In the ET & CT zones, Couric, Gibson and Williams sign off. From an insider: “Couric ‘cheerleading’ the weary crew @ CBS News HQ during the breaks.” Williams signs off by the skin of his teeth, before local coverage picks up.