‘Like the Worst Local News in America’: Critic Says ‘GMA’ Has Gone ‘Beyond Tabloid’

By Mark Joyella 

GMA dramaOn Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” host Howard Kurtz noted that top-rated morning show “Good Morning America” does “some good journalism and some good interviews–of course.” And then Kurtz noted that he was “shocked” how often GMA stories begin with the words “shocking video…shocking customer warnings,” suggesting that research must have led ABC to use the word so often.

Baltimore Sun media writer David Zurawik said it works on air, but also online. “This is the name of the game. These kinds of videos, these viral videos…this is the coin of the realm across all media now.”

Zurawik said “GMA” wasn’t just going “tabloid,” but rather “beyond tabloid.” Reflecting on a segment involving video of a truck stalled on a highway that was hit by several cars, Zurawik said “it was like the worst local news in America.”

Watch the segment, after the jump: