Like Any New TV Host, Christiane Amanpour has Supporters and Detractors

By Chris Ariens 

The Daily Caller takes aim at Christiane Amanpour and the “decidedly negative reviews” she has been receiving since taking over “This Week” two weeks ago.

In addition to this bit of information that Amanpour is “rumored to be staying with uber-Washington insiders Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn at their Georgetown mansion while she looks for a permanent residence in the city,” the Caller culled some tweets as well as comments from the show’s message board:

SaraHeartburn tweeted, “Thumbs way down on the new ABC This Week format/host/set/guests… Bring back Jake Tapper!”

ScottJW posted, “Haha. Jokes over. Can we please just bring back Jake Tapper?”

“Jake Tapper was doing such a great job…why wasn’t he given the job. I’m afraid that I have to agree with what is being said here…I have always liked Amanpour…as a FOREIGN correspondent…I do not understand why the networks insist on far-left unbalanced programming when this is a CENTER RIGHT country.

Well, ABC sent TVNewser a sampling of some of the kinder commentary:

From the Facebook page:

Maryl Diener
Great show this morning and was so glad when I heard that you would be the one taking over. You are, by far, the best there is!! 🙂

Christopher C. Gagliardi
Ms. Amanpour you really are rocking and rolling with This week. I am VERY VERY VERY impressed! WTG on showing the toughness, resiliancy and more.

Kurt Giambastiani ‎
“This Week” is immensely improved by the hosting of Ms Amanpour. I enjoy the more focused interview technique, as well as the broader scope of the round table. (We also liked the lime-green reading glasses.)

And from Twitter:

Like ur forceful questions… Stay focused & good luck 2 u on ur new assignment. ::–)) @camanpour about 8 hours ago

@camanpour Welcome 2 DC. Enjoyed the new faces on yr roundtable! How refreshing! Keep up the gd work & ignore the critics. about 14 hours ago

when i think of what gravitas sounds like, i think of @camanpour about 21 hours ago

@camanpour You are the master piece of reporting…bigger than life! 4:45 PM Aug 9th

The Caller concludes, “With signs that loyal viewers of ‘This Week’ are already getting restless, it seems reasonable to ask, will Ms. Amanpour last?”

After only two shows, we think it’s too soon for that kind of speculation.