Life After Fox News Read-ing

By SteveK 

Many reporters and news readers come and go on the 24-hour cable nets. So what happens after your favorites leave the air?

TVNewser recently received anonymous tips regarding the whereabouts of two former FNC top/bottom-of-the-hour news readers. Donna Fiducia, who left FNC in 2006 after spending seven years with the network and 25 in the industry, is now a licensed salesperson with Ara Hansard Realty, Inc. in Carrollton, Georgia (hey, Tucker Carlson thinks its a good idea). She previously worked for local affiliates of NBC and FOX.

Another former FNC news reader, Carol Iovanna, has not left the television industry completely. Iovanna, who also left Fox News in 2006 after 10 years with the channel, started her own production company, Illumination Productions. She recently sold a documentary, “Journey Out of Silence — the Heather Whitestone Story,” to PBS.