Libby Trial: NBC Decides How To Cover Tim Russert’s Testimony

By Brian 

“We’re currently going over how to cover, for example, Tim Russert‘s day on the stand” in the Scooter Libby trial, Brian Williams blogged on Tuesday. “We are trying to avoid having a correspondent who reports TO Tim… have to report ON Tim.”

On Wednesday, Williams provided an update: “After slogging through a number of options on how best to report Tim Russert’s testimony when it happens, we’ve come back around to this — Kelly O’Donnell was assigned to the story because she’s a solid, fair network journalist. She’ll continue to report the story. While Tim is presently prohibited by the lawyers from talking with us about the case on the air (anything that would prejudice the case), once he’s done with his testimony we’ll have him on for a thorough live interview regarding his role and what transpired.”

> Also:Patrick Fitzgerald appears to be saving NBC newsman Tim Russert as his last witness,” the AP says…