Let’s Revisit Amy Robach’s Interview With Carrie Fisher

By Chris Ariens 

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Last December you would have been hard pressed to turn on ABC and not see a story about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a Disney film, which was released Dec. 18.

As part of the promotional push Good Morning America’s Amy Robach sat down with Carrie Fisher to talk about reprising the role of Princess Leia. Fisher, who died today at age 60, talked about how she has lived with Leia for 40 years and how she prepared to play her again. We were also introduced to her dog Gary, who dozed off during the interview. “I’ve never had someone fall asleep during my interview, Gary,” Robach joked. “That you know of!” Fisher added. Gary, who has his own Twitter account, shared these thoughts this morning:

Robach called the 2015 sit-down “one of the most entertaining interviews ever.” Watch and laugh: