Let’s Call It “Project Early”

By Brian 

Now that the new CBS Evening News is getting settled, it looks like Sean McManus is turning his attention to the morning. Let’s call the revamp of The Early Show “Project Early,” per a tipster’s suggestion.

In the wake of yesterday’s announcement, several e-mailers have asked: “Was Rene Syler asked to leave, contract not renewed, or did she decide to leave on her own?”

Variety says her “decision to leave was a blend of professional and personal.” But she was “told they are moving in another direction,” according to Journal-isms. So an e-mailer asks: “Why would she leave such a plum job on her own with no real immediate prospects?”

(Well she has a book coming out, but Hannah Storm just released a book and she kept her TV gig.)

So what comes next? I can’t confirm it, but a tipster says it’s common knowledge that “big name(s) will be brought in” to lead Early. And the tipster suggests that Harry Smith, who is already taking a bigger role at CBS (for example, subbing for Couric) could move to Sunday Morning or 60 Minutes, opening up a male spot in the morning…