Lester Holt: ‘I Jealously Guard My Personal Opinion’

By Chris Ariens 

Weekend Today show and Nightly News anchor Lester Holt is profiled in The Christian Chronicle about how his faith guides his work for NBC News.

One of the hard things for people to wrap their arms around – because they flip around the channels and hear all the opinionated liberal hosts and conservative hosts – is what I do working for the mainstream network. I don’t bring an opinion to the table. In fact, I jealously guard my personal opinion.

My job is to take people to the news of the day, and sometimes, there are going to be stories that are going to offend them, stories in which they’re going to hear a side that doesn’t particularly gel with their political and moral beliefs. But as journalists, we’ve got to report on this.

I always feel like when I’m being hit from both sides, then I must be doing something right.

(h/t Newsblues)