Lesley Stahl: Donald Trump ‘Has a Deep Animosity to the Press’

By Mark Joyella 

CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl, whose interview with President-elect Donald Trump aired Sunday on 60 Minutes, says victory has changed Trump, but not his hostility to the media. “The bitterness toward the press is real, alive and deep,” Stahl says in a 60 Minutes Overtime interview.

On CBS This Morning Monday, Stahl described Trump as a man adjusting to the enormity of winning the presidency. “You could see it in his body language, you could hear it in the timbre of his voice,” Stahl said. “He’s taking it, obviously, very seriously. I think, sitting there, it was sinking in.”

As for the protests across the country sparked by his election victory, Stahl said Trump largely blamed the media. “He has a deep animosity to the press, and he feels we are whipping it up.”