Les Moonves Makes Business TV Rounds To Tout Time Warner Cable Deal

By Alex Weprin 

CBS CEO Les Moonves is making the business TV rounds to talk about the recently-completed retransmission consent deal with Time Warner Cable. Moonves, ever on message, effectively weaves in promotion for the NFL, “Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS,” but also reveals some details on the future of carriage fees, which are serving as a lifeline to broadcasters in an otherwise volatile marketplace.

This morning, Moonves stopped by the CNBC studios.

“It was important we take a stand,” Moonves said. “This is a stand about content and how content is sold and how it goes to our consumers and how it will be sold in the future when digital viewing could eclipse more traditional forms of television.”


This afternoon, Moonves called into Bloomberg TV.

“There were over 19 cable channels that wee getting paid more than what we were with significantly less ratings,” Moonves said. “Networks should be paid fairly for the audiences they deliver.”