Lehrer Thinks Rather Deserves Better

By Brian 

Jim Lehrer thinks Dan Rather “deserves better than this.” Here’s what he said on Reliable Sources this weekend:

  KURTZ: …What do you make of the way he’s been treated now even with that one admitted mistake?

LEHRER: I think it’s outrageous. I think the man deserves better than this. I think that whether it’s intentional or otherwise, I think they’re treating him unfairly and in a way that is — says not good things about CBS, frankly. It says more about them than you really want to know.

I mean whatever Dan Rather did or did not do in the military records issue, I think he was there. He was CBS News for 40 years. And now they’re saying, no, no, no, no. It’s just — as I say, it’s outrageous and also very sad although he’s been quoted as saying, I’m not sad about it. Well I’m sad about it for him and he and I know each other.

He’s not a close, personal friend, just as one professional to another I just think it’s outrageous what they’re doing.

Here’s the transcript. Kurtz also discussed war coverage with a panel and mentioned Keith Olbermann‘s e-mails…