Layoffs At CNN In Atlanta?

By Brian 

> Update: 11:33am: The Spacey Gracey Review says “at least five senior, longtime staff were hit. They seem to be aiming for the ‘high salary’ profile this go-’round. Severance packages will likely be excellent for all…”

> Update: 11:18am: An e-mailer forwards a comment from a CNNer who was laid off last week: “Got terminated on Friday — our unit was disbanded and not replaced. A couple of us got the sack. I felt some deliverance… it was getting unbearably weird… back-stabbing alley if I ever saw one.” Hmm… which unit?

“Big layoffs at CNN in Atlanta today,” a tipster says. Does anyone have details?

Two sources say at least one longtime senior producer was affected…

> Also: “There are a number of rumors out there that CNN is going to announce some big changes to their DC operations today,” FTV says…