Last Night in NYC: Charlie Gasparino Bought Gary Cohn a Shirley Temple

By Chris Ariens 

By day he’s breaking news–like this report yesterday that the Sinclair-Tribune deal, which seemed all but certain, “is likely to get quashed.” By night, his exploits include taunting some of those same people he breaks news about.

Today we got a glimpse into the peripatetic existence of FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, from his appearance on Neil Cavuto‘s show. The channel’s senior correspondent talked about running into two very high profile figures at two New York City restaurants last night: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein at one, and former Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn at another. “He was, like, mad at me,” Gasparino said about Cohn. “You had very nasty reporting on him,” Cavuto shot back, adding, “You don’t remember the people you’ve slighted.”

And then the conversation turned to hand size. “He has very dainty hands. His hands freaked me out.” Go to the 2:30 mark in the video below: