Larry/Paris: Watching Cooper “Sneer” At Hilton, “Then Devote An Entire Hour” To Her

By Brian 

The NYT’s Alessandra Stanley writes:

  “There is a bizarre counter-effect to the Paris Hilton phenomenon: a little like the children’s taunt, ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue,’ the sheer absurdity of her fame ensures that anyone who denigrates it looks even more foolish. It was laughable when Barbara Walters of ABC told the New York Post columnist Cindy Adams that she didn’t regret not doing the Paris Hilton interview because, as she put it, ‘The whole thing somehow was beneath me.’

It was delicious to watch Anderson Cooper sneer at the young celebutante’s frivolity, then piggyback his show to Mr. King’s and devote an entire hour to Ms. Hilton’s jailhouse conversion. And all week, media analysts, law professors and image consultants scuffled like paparazzi for the chance to go on television and deconstruct Ms. Hilton’s latest escapade.

> Related: “In truth, the highlight-reel-and-discussion-by-smarter-people-than-Paris was actually much more interesting than the interview itself, though they were careful not to criticize Larry for not asking harder-hitting questions and teasing out something meatier from her,” Rachel Sklar writes…