“Larry King Embarrasses Himself, But Doesn’t Realize It”

By Brian 

From today’s Media Village Buzz by Jack Myers:

During his on stage interview at CTAM with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, commentator Larry King did not do himself, CNN or Roberts any service. King embarrassed himself by admitting he did not understand the term “Crackberry” in relation to a Blackberry device, and asked Roberts what he used the Blackberry for.

When Roberts mentioned well-known EchoStar president Charlie Ergen, King asked “who’s he?” King was also confused when Roberts explained CNN parent Time Warner and Comcast will split the Adelphia Cable systems when the acquisition is completed, a story that has been well reported for months. But King was doubly confused when Roberts said the Adelphia systems would be renamed ‘Comcast.’ “Even the Time Warner systems,” King asked bewildered.

King closed the session with an irrelevant joke about a German Shepard and a Chihuahua. Roberts sat with a bemused expression as King assured the audience that “it really is funny.” King also failed to ask a question about CBS’ expected demand for retransmission consent payments, an issue on many attendees’ and reporters’ minds.

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