Lara Logan Is Bringing a New Docuseries to Fox News’ Streaming Platform

By A.J. Katz 

Former 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan is bringing No Agenda to Fox News’ conservative opinion on-demand streaming service.

No Agenda with Lara Logan is a new docuseries being produced by Warm Springs Productions for Fox Nation. Launching in January, the docuseries, hosted by Logan, will feature four 90-minute installments each comprised of four episodes that will be released simultaneously on the platform.

Subjects include media bias, immigration, socialism and veterans.

According to Fox Nation, “Logan will report from the front lines of America’s political and ideological war zones and dive into a number of hot-button issues with on-the-ground coverage and expert interviews.”

Logan said in a statement: “This series is what American people tell me they want everywhere I go —honest, independent journalism that will not bow to propagandists and political operatives who use the media as a weapon to silence, punish and bully. I am so proud to be part of this team.”


A series from Logan for this platform isn’t a total surprise to those who have been following her over the past year. Logan has made appearances on Fox News programs, including Hannity, to talk about the perception that the mainstream news media has a liberal bias.

“I hope my bosses at Fox find a place for you,” Hannity told Logan during a Feb. 2019 interview.

Earlier this year, she took on a three-month assignment for Sinclair Broadcasting, where all 190 of Sinclair’s stations aired Logan’s investigative reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border. Sinclair’s news operation has a conservative skew (though the company told NBC News earlier this year that it added former Obama campaign staffer Ameshia Cross as a left-leaning commentator), and  directs its stations to incorporate conservative commentary into newscasts.

It would be malpractice not to rewind 6 years ago  – A number of media outlets, including progressive media watchdog Media Matters, challenged Logan’s Oct. 2013 report for 60 Minutes about the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi after the Washington Post initially raised issues with the credibility of one of Logan’s sources.

In light of media reports challenging Logan’s reporting of the facts, Logan would defend her 60 Minutes piece, claiming controversy around the episode was due to “intense political warfare.”

CBS retracted her report soon thereafter in Nov. 2013. Logan made a 60 Minutes on-air apology that month, and following the results of an internal report, took a 7-month leave of absence. She returned to the program in June 2014, where she discussed the deteriorating situation in Iraq.

Logan left CBS News in August 2018.