Lara Logan, In Iraq, Continues To Impress

By Brian 

Lara Logan filed an excellent series of reports from Iraq for the CBS Evening News last week.

The “four-parter from Baghdad neighborhoods” chronicled the surge, The Tyndall Report notes: “Gen. David Petraeus warned her that the cycle of sectarian violence has resumed; opposition leader Muqtada al-Sadr has ordered his militia not to confront US troops in Sadr City — but not to cooperate either; Sunni guerrillas in Amiriyah have switched sides and are fighting with US troops against al-Qaeda cells; and in Rashid, Logan went on patrol in the ‘blistering Baghdad heat’ and found decomposing bodies in five separate shallow graves.”

Thanks to Logan, CBS devoted 11 minutes to Iraq last week, more than NBC and ABC combined. Here are the reports.

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