LaPook Is Keeping His Plates Spinning

By Brian 

CBS News medical correspondent and practicing doctor Jonathan LaPook has been on the job for six months. In this Public Eye chat, he says he feels “like the guy on the Ed Sullivan Show” who used to spin plates.

“There were like seven or eight plates on the stage, and they would play fast, furious music, and he went over and he would spin plate after plate after plate…the idea was to keep all the plates spinning,” LaPook said.

He was planning to split his time 50/50 between his practice and CBS. But that didn’t exactly work out.

“At the beginning, there was a lot I didn’t know. I’ve never done a job like this before. One of the reasons that I did it was I loved the idea of staying high on the learning curve. But the downside of that was that I didn’t really know a whole lot about TV journalism, or journalism, starting out,” he said.

Here’s the full Q&A…