“Ladies & Gentlemen, Alison Stewart”

By Brian 

MSNBC’s David Shuster explains how he and his colleague Alison Stewart snuck into the post-WHCA dinner Bloomberg party:

“On a dare, the two of us went to the VIP entrance,” Shuster blogs on MSNBC.com. “Alison smiled and said, “I’m Alison Stewart of MSNBC and this is David Shuster of MSNBC.” The woman smiled at Allison and waved us through without even checking the list. As Alison noted, “See, it helps to be nice.” Point taken. Ms. Stewart and I then walked along the red carpet until I stopped her in front of the 25 waiting photographers and loudly declared, “Ladies and gentlemen, Alison Stewart.” The flash bulbs went off like crazy. There were also shouts of, “Over here Alison… Alison can you look to the right… can the two of you look left? How about a shot for me?””

Here’s the rest… (Via Inside Cable News)