Kyra Phillips: ‘Sarah, Did You Just Call on Me Before My Husband?’

By A.J. Katz 

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Here’s a fun story to end your Monday: Earlier today, ABC News Investigates correspondent Kyra Phillips and Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts became the first wife-husband “front rowers” (as Roberts put it) to attend a White House press briefing.


CBS News’ chief White House correspondent Major Garrett got to serve as the buffer between the TV news couple today.

Phillips – an ABC News Investigates correspondent who joined the network this past April after 19 years at CNN – politely asked Sanders for the first question of the briefing.

Much to her surprise, she was granted her request. “Sarah, did you just call on me before my husband?” Phillips asked. “Tough battle, yeah,” Sanders responded. “I did, let the record show.” Garrett then jokingly tried to interrupt Phillips, but managed to get he question in. It was about the next supreme court justice:

Guess who got to answer the second question? Yes, Roberts.

The couple became engaged in April 2010 when they were both at CNN. Roberts was a New York-based anchor of American Morning, and Phillips was an Atlanta-based CNN anchor/reporter at the time. Now they’re based in DC. The couple are parents of twins–son Kellan Clay and daughter Sage Ann–born in March 2011.