Kurtz: O’Reilly’s Agent Called Zucker To Complain About MSNBC’s Commentators

By Brian 

“A war of words between Bill O’Reilly and NBC has erupted into a shouting match that is overheated, mean-spirited and incredibly entertaining,” Howard Kurtz writes in Monday’s WP.

Interesting note: “Several times over the last year, according to three sources who asked not to be identified because they were describing private conversations, O’Reilly’s agent called Jeff Zucker, chief executive of NBC’s television group, urging him to tell his MSNBC commentators to back off. O’Reilly also posted an online petition demanding that NBC dump Olbermann.”

> Also: “O’Reilly declined to be interviewed for this column, but Fox News spokeswoman Irena Briganti says he ‘has exposed media bias for the last 10 years. This is nothing new. We don’t know why NBC finds the label ‘liberal’ so insulting.’