Kristof Praises NBC’s Reports From Africa, And Asks: “ABC & CBS, Where Are You?”

By Brian 

In Sunday’s NYT, Nicholas Kristof followed up on his Bill O’Reilly pledge drive and mentions Ann Curry‘s trip to Africa:

“Bill O’Reilly refused to join me on this trip, passing up the $727,000 that my readers had pledged to sponsor his trip to Darfur.

But Ann Curry of the Today show and a top-notch NBC crew did travel with me on this trip. Unlike Bill, Ann didn’t flinch at traveling in janjaweed-infested areas or at staying in a primitive $4-a-night “hotel” with no plumbing. (O.K., she did shudder just a little at the wildlife in the hotel’s outhouse.)

If you want to break your heart, watch her reports beginning tomorrow – and ABC and CBS, where are you?”