Koppel: Is He Hopping To Another Net?

By Brian 

Quoting the AP: “Koppel said a news release announcing his departure was e-mailed to the world at 10:59 a.m. on Thursday and he got his first job offer at 11:01 (he won’t say from whom). ‘It was sort of lovely,’ he said. ‘I was disappointed that it didn’t come in at 11, of course.'”
And Koppel told the NYT: There are some very interesting prospects out there, let’s put it that way.” A couple suggestions from e-mailers:

> From an e-mailer: “So Ted all of a sudden decides to leave ABC, even though he knows they’ll give him anything he wants…does this have anything to do with the Tiffany network searching for a star anchor?”

> “CNN would be wise to pick up Koppel and Bettag to help develop its documentary/newsmagazine unit,” an e-mailer suggests. His daughter Andrea works at CNN…