Koppel Exits: The Kitchen Dance

By Brian 

During Ted Koppel‘s interview in The Situation Room today, daughter Andrea — CNN’s State Department correspondent — stopped by to assist in the questioning. From the transcript:

  BLITZER: We have another CNN correspondent who wants to weigh in as well. Go ahead.

A. KOPPEL: I was just trying to get my laundry and my dry cleaning taken care of, and give you a sense, Dad, as to the slave drivers I work for. They called me in even on my day off to talk to you.

KOPPEL: Just so that you’re back by 11:00 tonight, and I don’t want to hear any excuses.

So why’d they call Andrea in? Oh, yes — to dig up the skeletons in the closet.

  A. KOPPEL: Yes. So I’ve been wracking my brain ever since they called me to think how I can best embarrass you. And I figure, you know, what you guys don’t know — obviously, David and Jeff have spoken about your many accomplishments as a journalist.

T. KOPPEL: Actually, they haven’t done nearly enough of that, Andrea.


A. KOPPEL: But what they don’t know is that Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire have nothing on you.

BLITZER: Really?

A. KOPPEL: So I was thinking that he could either do the kitchen dance or he could do the song that he used to woo my mother. That’s when they met as graduate students at Stanford University. So, Dad, this is payback for all those times that you’ve humiliated me in front of my dates and forced me to come home at an absurdly early hour from all those high school parties.

T. KOPPEL: Young lady, you’re grounded for a month.