Kiran Chetry Leaving CNN for a ‘Very Special Opportunity’ Elsewhere

By Alex Weprin 

July 29th will be Kiran Chetry’s last day at CNN, with the anchor leaving to take a “very special opportunity” elsewhere, according to someone familiar with her decision.

Chetry co-anchored “American Morning” this AM with Ali Velshi (right), after announcing her decision to depart the network to staff yesterday afternoon. She is expected to continue on the show until the 29th, with Velshi and Christine Romans continuing as interim anchors.

For “American Morning,” the Chetry move is the latest shakeup for the show, which has had a tumultuous year talent-wise. John Roberts left the program last year, and since then the show has had a revolving door of anchors. TVNewser hears that a formal decision on the future of CNN mornings could come in the next few months. The decision would solidify the morning hours with a permanent replacement, but there is also a chance that more talent could depart the network as a result.

In a goodbye note to “AM” staff, Chetry had kind words for her staff, as well as current and former bosses. CNN Worldwide chief Jim Walton, former CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein and former Fox News executive Joel Cheatwood.

Chetry’s note to staff is after the jump.

To My American Morning Family–

July 29th will be my last day on our show and at CNN. While there are exciting things for me coming up soon, I want you to know how much I will miss spending the wee hours of the morning with you.

As journalists, together we have covered some of the most pivotal stories of our time. I will never forget your dedication and hard work toward getting it right and through it all, we always found a way to laugh and enjoy our work.

The stories we told were generational: The Virginia Tech shootings, the Gulf Oil Spill, President Obama’s inaugration, the Royal Wedding… My special reports on teen drug abuse, autism, the challenge of military families… And who can forget the 8 hour marathon shows we did on election mornings, and on and on….Together we’ve had a front row seat to history.

The “thank yous” could go on forever. But Jim Walton, Jon Klein and Joel Cheatwood made the call to give me an opportunity I will treasure forever.

The nearly 5 years here at CNN have been some of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding of my career.

It was a true honor to come to work everyday with some of the most kind, professional, hardworking and fun people in the business.

This isn’t goodbye… this is see you soon.

God Bless,