King Repeats On HLN: Why Not?

By Brian 

More answers to the question “why not?” referring to CNN’s plan to repeat Larry King Live on HLN (11am starting June 25):

> “Middays I’m at the gym and watch HLN for the headlines, not Elizabeth Taylor and Bill Maher on LKL. HLN’s programming is becoming a joke. Get back to news.”

> “Nevermind diluting LKL’s product, what about HLN itself? How many hours of Headline News will actually air on Headline News weekdays?”

> “People want to be able to turn to HLN to get just that — headline news, 24 hours/day. There’s got to be somewhere to go, like a newsradio station, when you just want news!”

> “New Mexico PBS reruns Charlie Rose at noon and I know that I watch it every day. I just have other things to do when Charlie is new, so I catch the reruns. Because Larry King is primetime, a reasonable hour repeat would let people see it, who aren’t willing to give up their entertainment programming.”