King Repeats On HLN: Diluting The Product?

By Brian 

Most of the comments about HLN’s decision to re-air Larry King Live at 11am have been negative today. Here are some of them:

> “Larry is repeated twice during the night on CNN. I’m sure if more viewers wanted the chance to watch an old man stumble over his questions and forget who he is interviewing, they would tune to CNN — not HLN.”

> “Is Headline News going to give up on reporting news? What happens if something breaks between 11 and 12?”

> “It dilutes the product by replaying Larry King because people don’t have to watch at 9pm if they can wait and watch it at 11am the next day.”

> “It doesn’t seem like a bad idea… but what about the 10am-2pm shift of Mike & Christi? Will they now work three hours a day instead of four?”

> “[They’re just trying to] save money by throwing on tape…”