King Fahd Dead: Early Notes

By Brian 

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Blogging aboard Amtrak train in Philadelphia: CNN sent a breaking news alert about King Fahd‘s death at 3:45am. By 5am, had a video about “the life and rule” of the King. “A source told CNN’s Nic Robertson that Fahd died Sunday evening,” mentions.

“Monarch who strengthened ties with U.S., balanced orthodox Islam with modernization dies in Riyadh hospital,”’s lead says.

> Update: 7:09am: “CNN International broke into ordinary scheduled programming with ‘the expected announcement’ of the death of the Saudi King shortly after 03.00 EST,” an e-mailer says. “Max Foster in London also welcomed viewers on CNN/US.”

> The networks will have to scramble to put crews in Riyadh in time for the burial at 8am ET Tuesday…