Kimberly Guilfoyle Signs Long-Term Deal with Fox News

By Chris Ariens 

This should put to rest the chatter that Kimberly Guilfoyle will join the White House comms team.

The co-anchor of The Five has signed a contract extension with FNC.

“I’m excited to remain at Fox News Channel, a place I have called home for many years, and to continue my role as co-host of The Five,” said Guilfoyle in a statment. “I very much look forward to what lies ahead.”


“Throughout the past decade, Kimberly has served as a popular commentator here at Fox News,” added FNC president of programming Suzanne Scott “She’s a huge asset to The Five.”

Guilfoyle first made a name for herself during her time as assistant district attorney in California. She was the co-prosecutor in a notorious 2001 dog mauling case in San Francisco. Guilfoyle began making TV news appearances, as a legal analyst for MSNBC and later ABC News, before joining Fox News in 2006.

Guilfoyle was also First Lady of San Francisco from 2003 through 2005 when she was married to current California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.