Kerry Sanders Okay After Crash, But His Brand-New Car May Not Make It

By Alissa Krinsky 

NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders is sore but alright after a car accident yesterday afternoon, he tells TVNewser.

“I’m happy — I walked away,” says Sanders. “It could have been a lot worse.”

Sanders was less than half a mile from his Ft. Lauderdale home — on his way to a story in Orlando — when the accident occurred at a three-way stop. He says the driver of a van blew a stop sign and smashed into his six-day-old Volkswagen, causing the air bag to deploy.


“The airbag did what it was supposed to do,” says Sanders, who had carefully researched the car’s safety features before he bought it. “I had read it was very good on the safety front. Well, I hate to say that I tested it out in the first 350 miles, but it’s true, it was very safe.”

It’s not clear yet if the car will be declared a total loss.

“I’m so disappointed my brand new car, with only 315 miles on it — I hadn’t even put a tank of fuel in it yet — is now in the shop and I have no idea what’s going to happen to it.”

Bottom line, though, Sanders feels fortunate. “I will choose to look at it as I’m very lucky to have walked away.”

(photo courtesy of Kerry Sanders)