Kennedy & Ailes Pitch A Tent

By Brian 

From Liz Smith‘s column in today’s Post:

“Some say that Fox News is biased against the liberal point of view. But one liberal, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is grateful to the network.

Kennedy says if we missed the Fox News special, The Heat is On: The Case of Global Warming, which aired before the holidays, we missed a fair, accurate presentation. Writes Kennedy: “I spent a summer in a tent in Africa with Roger Ailes in 1973 making a wildlife film. He is charming, affable, very smart and very, very funny. Although we both believe that each other’s politics are misguided, we have remained friends for three decades. Last year I asked Roger, as a personal favor, to attend Al Gore’s New York City update on global warming science … he was convinced that the debates deserved a public airing … the Fox News team did a superb job by exploring the science. This film should be seen by everyone. The end product goes a long way toward putting the ‘conserve’ back in conservatism.” Thus, speaks Bobby.

Well, I missed it myself, so I’m hoping Fox airs the show again soon.”