Kelly to Pelley: ‘We Beat You in all the Debates and on Election Night, Scott’

By Chris Ariens 

CBS News anchor Scott Pelley’s comments to Deadline over the weekend comparing cable and network news has been fodder on Fox News today. First, here’s part of the Q&A:

DEADLINE: While the news flow on cable may be in the hundreds of thousands, a lot of people are watching Bill O’Reilly, a couple of million a night. Same thing with Hannity.

PELLEY: We measure our audience in millions. They’re not big numbers. People talk about cable a lot and cable has a very high profile. Not a lot of people watch cable news, they just don’t. If you look at the Nielsen numbers, the cable channels have a few hundred thousand viewers at any given moment. The CBS Evening News again has 7 million viewers, ABC has 8 million viewers. Brian [NBC’s Williams] has almost 9 million. Altogether we have about 25 million viewers on any given night. That’s a very different order of magnitude.

The story was discussed on “Fox & Friends” this morning and again on Megyn Kelly’s show. Kelly, in a discussion with Michelle Malkin, says Pelley answering that question by dismissing a fact in it, does a disservice to his audience. She also took a jab at Pelley: “We beat you in all the debates and on election night, Scott.”

You can bet former CBS News correspondent Bernard Goldberg will have a few things to say about it tonight on his regular Monday night “O’Reilly Factor” appearance.

(h/t J$P)