Keith Olbermann Returns to Take On Donald Trump

By Mark Joyella 

Keith Olbermann is back—debuting Monday morning in his new role as a “special correspondent” for GQ Magazine.

The former ESPN, MSNBC and Current host will appear in a bi-weekly web series called The Closer, which promises to have a lot to do with a guy named Donald Trump. “It’s after Labor Day and he still hasn’t fled for the Cayman Islands yet,” Olbermann said, seated in a mockup of the Oval Office in a teaser video posted this morning. “He still could wind up in a place that looks just like this. Not if I can help it.”

Olbermann, who left ESPN last summer, appeared on ABC’s The View in March, where he discussed his decision to move out of his apartment in a building owned by Donald Trump. “I couldn’t go under the sign anymore that said Trump Palace without spitting because I just–and I ran out of spit.”