Katrina: Is CNN Displaying An “Outraged At The Government” Editorial Direction?

By Brian 

“I get the sense CNN has a general ‘outrage at the government response’ editorial direction,” an e-mailer said this morning. Have you noticed the same thing? And if so, did Jon Klein direct it? Here are a few examples of it:


> Paula Zahn questioned FEMA director Mike Brown very aggressively on Thursday night. Crooks & Liars has the tape…

> Anderson Cooper rips into Senator Mary Landrieu…

> Soledad O’Brien pushes the FEMA director too…

> CNN.com’s morning headline: WHERE’S THE HELP? No quotation marks — just a question…

Viewer comments:

> “CNN’s comparison of what was said by Administration officials and what was happening may have been the rebirth of the press in this country. They finally have their balls back that Bush cut off after 9/11.”

> A reader writes in to a Chicago Tribune blog: “I have been watching a lot of television and it seemed that CNN, for a time, became the conscience of the country and in no small way prodded the government agencies to get their collective butts in gear. We owe the network a debt of gratitude.”

Conservative POV’s:

> The Conservative Voice: “National disasters bring out the worst in CNN.”

> The National Debate: “It appears word came from somewhere within CNN to sic their own air personalities on the ‘federal government’ (i.e., President Bush).”