Katrina: Correspondents, Anchors Deploying

By Brian 

> FNC’s Shep Smith is on the way to the Big Easy, a tipster says. Steve Harrigan, Orlando Salinas and Phil Keating are also along the coast.

> For CNN, Anderson Cooper, Miles O’Brien, John Zarrella, Chris Lawrence, David Mattingly, Adaora Udoji, and Susan Lisovicz will be in New Orleans. The network will be live all night.

> ABC’s Tony Perkins is on the way to Biloxi, MS. GMA weekend anchor Bill Weir is heading to Louisiana — either New Orleans or Baton Rouge — for live coverage too.

> MSNBC usually turns to tape at noon, but it is continuing live coverage with Bill Fitzgerald and Collette Cassidy. The network will be live all day and night; Chris Matthews will anchor from 8 to 10pm.