Katrina: ABC Embeds Off-Air Reporters With Seven Displaced Families

By Brian 

Quoting the press release: “ABC News off-air reporters have spread out across the country to chronicle the lives of seven families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The reporters will follow the families for a month as they try to settle into their new lives and check in with them periodically over the coming years as they rebuild.”

The seven off-air reporters have joined with displaced Katrina families in Seattle, WA; Colorado Springs, CO; Baton Rouge, LA; Gulfport, MS; Summersville, SC; Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX.

“The reporters spend time throughout the day with the families, using DV cameras to document their experiences. Over the coming months and years ABC News will periodically check back with these families to see how they are faring.” Reports and video diaries will air on all of ABC’s platforms…