Katie’s Tour: Morning Papers

By Brian 

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> Cox News Service: “We heard from many people that the news is just too depressing,” Couric said. “Now obviously we can’t sugarcoat what’s going on in the world, But there are cases where I believe we can be a little more solution-oriented…”

> NY Daily News: On the listening tour, “I got the distinct sense that they want us to go a little deeper,” she said. “They want more perspective. I think people are hungry and interested in the gray areas of stories. People also want to know how [the news] is relevant to their lives…”

> San Jose Mercury News: “Couric suggested the people she met were less focused on her as the new, glamorous anchor in town.” She said: “Sometimes we get a little sucked into this world where we think everybody’s living and breathing what we’re going to be doing…[But] the rest of America’s dealing with things that affect them much more directly…”

> Boston Globe: “Later she was asked what her hobbies are. ‘I read, exercise, hang out with the kids, and talk to my friends on the phone,’ she said, appearing eager to change the subject…”

> Reuters: “Couric suggested the warmth she projected to viewers on ‘Today’ would be an asset in her new job…”

> NY Post: “Like the Indians used every bit of the buffalo, CBS News is not going to let any part of Katie Couric go to waste…”