Katie’s Tour: Lots Of People Are Saying “I’m Not Home” At Evening News Time

By Brian 

> Update: 9:39am: “People not home? Isnt that why NBC is re-streaming its Nightly News on its web site?,” an e-mailer asks…

“I think we’ll have a newscast that evolves over time,” Katie Couric told the press in Denver Thursday, on day four of her cross-country tour. Couric will spend time in San Diego today before heading up the road to Los Angeles for the TCA Press Tour this weekend.

At the town meetings, Couric and potential viewers have been talking about the Internet, among other subjects. The AP reports: “The changes, she said, could include expanding segments and breaking traditional time constraints of newscasting. The network is also focusing on how the Internet can enhance the nightly news, offering a place where people can watch news on their schedule and where the network can add information left out of a 30-minute broadcast.”

Couric says: “…Part of it is figuring out new ways to deliver what we do to people so they can get it when they get it, because what we’ve heard from a lot of people is it’s hard, ‘I’m not home. I’d love to watch it, but find me a way to do that.'”