Katie’s Tour: Is Anyone Watching?

By Brian 

Eat the Press is dripping with cynicism when it links to David Carr‘s NYT column with this line: “I’m sure I’ve never read any of this anywhere before.”

Still, the piece includes this fun graf: “Many of the younger people I asked about Ms. Couric or the evening news responded as if I were an archaeologist inquiring about a quaint custom dating back centuries. Unless Ms. Couric was planning on setting herself on fire every night, few people thought they could find a way to be home at 5:30 in the evening (Central Standard Time) to gather around the television set.”

And don’t miss Chris Campanella, who says this about the evening news while eating chicken wings: “Network news has been too masculine for too long. You know, Rather, Jennings and Brokaw.” Carr adds: “Campanella, who seemed pretty smart and well informed himself, had no idea that Dan Rather had been nudged out, that Tom Brokaw had retired or that Peter Jennings had died.”