Katie’s Goodbye: Morning Papers, Part 1

By Brian 

> NYT’s Alessandra Stanley: “The farewell could have turned unbearably cloying but didn’t, mainly because Ms. Couric reined in her emotions and did not exit in a puddle of tears. NBC seemed determined to make her fall apart, but her goal was to stay in control, the first step toward turning herself into a serious news anchor.”

> LAT’s Paul Brownfield: It was “basically one of those office-cake ceremonies. You know, everyone standing around in awkward repose as the guest of honor promises to come visit so much ‘you guys’ll be sick of me’ and eventually everyone trudges back to their desks to resume surfing the Net and wonder what exactly it is they’re doing with their own lives.”

> Richmond Times Dispatch: “Let’s put it this way; if you weren’t a huge Katie Couric fan, yesterday’s edition of Today must have been next to unbearable.”

> Rocky Mountain News: “The punch line of the latest TV industry joke is that the farewell to Katie Couric on Today has lasted longer than her 15-year tenure.” Dusty Saunders says the three-hour tribute was one hour too long…

> Palm Beach Post blogger: “I know it was only three hours. But after hour two, it felt more like 30. I’m talking days, not hours.”