Katie’s Goodbye: Caption Contest Results

By Brian 

Some of the results of yesterday’s Katie Couric/Jeff Zucker caption contest:

“Zucker finally gets to remove his lips from Katie’s butt for a proper smooch.”

“Think you’re balding now? See ya!”

“Zucker Up!”

“‘The Zucker Pucker’ — We’ve all done it.”

“Next let’s do the macarena.”

“If you kissed my ass instead of my lips, I wouldn’t be leaving NBC!”

“Not on the lips, I don’t work for you anymore.”

“I’d rather be having another colonoscopy.”

“And then she betrayed him with a kiss.”

“He: Les, she’s all yours! Farewell diva!”

“She: Good riddance shilling for Fear Factor!”

“And That’s The Way It Is. Good Night and Good Luck…..and Courage!”

“Okay, Katie, close your eyes and….uh, yeah, that’s close enough.”

Zucker: “I made you.” Couric: “I made you.”